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Warranty Policy

All Trax Brax products are covered by a limited warranty that extends to a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

All faulty parts and/or functions, resulting from manufacturer's defects, will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge during the warranty period. The customer is responsible for all packaging and shipping costs.

If any of the defects or malfunctions are deemed to be caused by standard wear and tear, user carelessness, inadequate maintenance, or natural disaster, customer will be responsible for returning brackets and customer will we will the provide repair and/or replacement services for a fee regardless of warranty period.

In the event our product does not prove suitable for your application you can return the product for an exchange or refund given it meets the requirements of our return and refund policy which you can access here.

Products covered by this warranty are limited to those that are manufactured by Trax Brax. Warranties for other products sold through Trax Brax will be issued according to each individual manufacturer's discretion. 

If/when in need of warranty services, the purchaser may contact us via phone or email.

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or injury caused by the use of any products produced or sold by Trax Brax. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the user’s application. We will not be held legally for any malfunction resulting from user carelessness, abnormal use, and/or natural disaster. Even if we are in receipt of prior notification of such dangers, we will not be held legally liable.

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