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How Long Is the Warranty on My Track Mounting System?


All Trax Brax track mounting systems come with a limited 6-month warranty. 


Will I Need to Make Modifications to My UTV to Install My Track Mounting System?


In most cases – the answer is no. With some models, you may need to drill one hole in order to properly affix the mounting system and brackets to your machine – but that’s it. We’ve specifically designed our track mounting system in order to have a simple installation that requires minimal modifications to your existing machine. 


How Long Does It Take to Install My Tracks with This System? 


Trax Brax track mounting system is simple and quick to install. Each kit comes with all of the hardware – so all you need is a few tools. Typically, installation will take an hour, or two at most. And we’ve got step-by-step tutorials to help you every step of the way. 


How Long Does It Take to Switch Between Tracks and Tires? 


After your first install, you will be able to go from tires to tracks in roughly 30 minutes.
Depending on what offset of wheel you’re running, brackets may even be able to stay on year-round. Once your track mounting system is installed, switching between tracks and tires is quick and painless. 


Will My Tracks Be Able to Handle Snow, Ice, Mud, and Dirt with This System?


Absolutely! While certain tracks may have limitations, our track mounting system will ensure you get the most out of your tracks. Our track mounting systems are designed to work in all conditions – whether that’s hard-packed ice, deep snow, steep mountains, or muddy terrain.


Do Tracks Make My UTV/Side by Side More Likely to Tip Over? 


Definitely not! While you may gain a few inches of clearance once your tracks are mounted, tracks actually increase your stability. Thanks to a longer and wider wheelbase and the additional weight near ground level, tracks actually decrease the likelihood of tipping over in your UTV/side-by-side. 


Do Tracks Make My UTV/Side by Side Harder to Steer?


Not usually. Steering with tracks feels pretty comparable to driving with tires. Sometimes driving slowly or in deep wet snow or mud can offer a little resistance, but in general, driving with tracks feels similar to driving with tires.


How Much Does Shipping Cost?


Shipping on all will be calculated at check out depending on the details of the order. There may be additional shipping in handling fees for shipments out of the U.S.


Do You Ship Outside of the U.S.?


Absolutely! There may be additional shipping and handling fees for shipments out of the U.S. 


How Can I Get in Touch if I Have Questions?


You can email us at

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